Warm Weather Ahead - Brighten up your Day with a Wish and a Charm

I first experienced Benang tri datu when I moved my family to Bali in 2016. We were greeted by the warmest and most welcoming people I have ever met, even after traveling across the globe, living and working in many different parts of Asia.Part of being welcomed into the community was the Benang tri datu ceremony. During the ceremony, they placed flowers on our heads and told us we were one with nature. As an Environmental Consultant, you can imagine how much this meant to me. But I wasn’t the only one touched by the ceremony. My children were given bracelets blessed by priests, these bracelets are known as Tridatu. Tridatu are said to bless the wearer as long as they are worn. 


And they did! Everywhere we went in the county we were treated like family. As soon as locals saw my children's bracelets they knew we were a part of their community. I fell in love with the bracelets and their significance so much I began taking jewelry-making courses with local Balinese artisans.

When we moved back to Canada my children were nervous about starting at a new school. On their first day, I gave them the charms that I had designed and made in Bali, knowing the blessing from our Balinese community would go with them, even half a world away. 

Now I make charm bracelets to share the blessings I’ve experienced firsthand with everyone. I design each charm then they are handmade by Iwak, a Balinese silversmith. Every Charm is blessed with love by Iwak’s family matriarch, to hold a similar meaning to the bracelets given during ceremonies.

From the first charm bracelets I tied on to my children’s wrists, to each new charm I design, my wish is to bestow the gifts of love and protection on each and every wearer.