Warm Weather Ahead - Brighten up your Day with a Wish and a Charm

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Wishing Charms sterling silver?

  • Yes, our Wishing Charms are made of 925 Sterling Silver in Bali, Indonesia

2. What makes these Wishing Charms?

  • Our Wishing Charms are blessed by a Balinese artist and hold a similar meaning to the bracelets given at Balinese Benang tri datu ceremonies, where priests bless the jewelry to protect the wearer, for as long as the jewelry is worn. 

3. Can I take off my Wishing Charm? 

  • Yes, while designed to sit comfortably on the wrist and to be worn as often as possible, you can take your Wishing Charm off whenever you'd like; but they give blessings while worn. 

4. What happens when my Wishing Charm cord breaks? 

  • Not to worry! Wishing Charm cords fall off naturally over time. If yours falls off, replace the cord with a new one, or keep it in a special place to be reminded of the good faith with which it was given. 

5. What kind of clasps do you offer?

  • Sterling Silver Stopper Bead: This bead will hold your charm cords snuggly in place. Just slide it to your desired tightness and leave it there.
  • Round Stainless Steel Stopper Bead: Designed to hold your cord in place, this sturdy attractive bead is the most durable clasp we provide. 
  • Macrame Fastener: Hold your charm bracelet in place the old fashion way, with the cord fastener. Just pull the knotted cord to your desired size and leave in place.

6. What do I do if my bracelet is too large? 

  • Wishing Charm cords are made from sturdy woven nylon. That is  approximately 60 cm in length when initially hand strung. As a result, lengths may vary slightly. If your bracelet is too large, tie a knot to your desired length, cut-off the excess cord, and burn the ends of the knot closed. Adult supervision required.

7. Can I place a custom order? 

  • Absolutely! Reach out to us directly and we'll work with you to iron out the details.